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Wax Strips And Wittenberg Nails

A friend of mine (and I genuinely do mean a friend, this isn't a story about me that I'm embarrassed to admit is about me) was waxing her moustache. She applied the wax strip, smoothed it down, and prepared to pull. She began to pull it, decided it was too painful, so left it and… Continue reading Wax Strips And Wittenberg Nails


God Doesn’t Make Cars Crash, And You Know It

I have a confession to make: I love The West Wing. Yes it's uber-idealistic, it' often descends into liberalism sans-nuance, and Josh Lyman's occasional misogyny renders my unabashed crush on him exceedingly problematic, but I just love it! And being the theology nerd that I am with a keen interest in theology and cinema and television,… Continue reading God Doesn’t Make Cars Crash, And You Know It